Thursday, April 29, 2004

So this is funny. Shreyan Singh, in true surdi style, has gone to show why having a Computing degree does not qualify one to be a tech-geek, tech-savvy or tech-anything, for that matter. Roshan introduced me to this blogging concept more than a year ago, and the fact that I am starting off on my blogging experience *now* really paints Comp Sc. graduates in a bad light as far as tech 'early adopters' are concerned.

Strangely enough, that is *the point*. I guess I've hardly been reflective of what I've done, or where I'm from, or (as some friends take pains to tell me) what I am. For anyone to draw a generalization about a country, a community, or heck, even comp sc graduates of NUS from me would be, well, to put it lightly, off the mark.

With that introduction, my friends, I welcome you to this blog. I cannot guarantee quality, or quantity, but I can guarantee surprises, and the occasional emotional twitch. Join in on the dialogue, debate, argue, agree, disagree...'tis all a part of the grand design of this remarkable Internet. And, dont forget to browse the blogs that link to...they contain thoughts that are truly remarkable.

After the facelift, at convocation '04